About Pet Communication

Animals speak in images. They understand their world and ours through pictures, much like movies. They learn to relate and respond by visual images. When they attempt to reach us, they send us visual messages about what they are feeling or thinking. The good news is, we can learn to receive and interpret these images. Much like a radio or television transmitter, animals are able to send out images. The trick is for us to become the receivers of these transmissions.

Why would we want to communicate with our pets?
Improvement in the behavior and wellness of our pets are just a couple of the benefits. At times, pets may be experiencing the beginnings of health issues that only show up much later in examinations. Early intervention by communicating with our pets may allow us to prevent more serious illness from developing. Performed through intuition, either by telephone, e-mail, or in person locally.

Long Distance by Email or Phone


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30 minutes. Pet Communication by email or phone. 

In Person for Local Orlando Area


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60 minutes. Pet communication in person.

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