What is your pet thinking and feeling?

Colleen Gordon, 

Orlando Florida's Premier Pet Communicator & Therapist

has answers for you!

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We Offer:

Pet Communication
Reiki Therapeutic Touch Therapy for People & Pets
Massage & Acupressure for People and Pets
Herbal and Dietary Consultations
Overnight Pet Sitting for Special-Needs Pets
Allergy Reduction Therapy
Elder Pet Care
Post Operative Care
Special Meals & Diets
Medications & SubQ Fluids

About Colleen Gordon, Pet Communicator

  • Colleen has been helping people and pets bridge the gap of communication and provide healing in the Orlando area for over a decade. 
  • She can understand your pet's needs simply by asking him.
  • There is help available to heal without chemicals or drugs.
  • If you are worried about your dog's health or your cat's behavior, or have an animal that is sick, injured, stressed or depressed, there are alternative healing therapies available to you.


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